Accessories for paving

Vibration buffer for slab terrace pedestal

The vibration buffer for pedestal is an accessory allowing the reduction of vibrations and resonances that may be emitted when traveling on the surface of a paved terrace. The shock absorber wedge offers optimal sound insulation of the terrace on pedestal.
EAN: 3052350900896


Made in France, the RINNO PLOTS vibration buffer is made from recycled rubber.


RINNO PLOTS brand "vibration buffer" accessory complies with standards in force: DTU 43.1 and 51.4.

Using the vibration buffer for pedestal:

The vibration buffer is placed directly on the head of the slab pedestal without fixing. Its shape is provided with 4 cutouts to allow the lugs of the slab pedestal to protrude.
The shock absorber wedge is 3 mm thick and can also be used to compensate for small differences in height between the pedestals.