Self leveling pedestals for decking

Self leveling pedestal 175/285 mm for decking

The decking self-leveling pedestal is designed to create or compensate for the irregularities of your ground: it allows you to catch up to 5% slope over 1 meter. This height-adjustable stand consists of two elements: a 150/260 mm joist pedestal and a 25 mm high self-leveling disc, clipped to the base of the pedestal. The height of the pedestal can be adjusted to the nearest millimeter using the adjustment ring. The head of the pedestal is equipped with a tab to receive and fix the joist with screws.
EAN: 3052350898421


The self-leveling pedestal for decking can support up to 1 ton of load. Robust and durable, it withstands temperature variations from -40°C to + 60°C, UV rays, frost as well as acidic and chemical products. The self-leveling pedestal for decking is compatible with installation near a swimming pool.


Made in France, the self-leveling pedestal for wooden decking RINNO is respectful of the environment. It is made from polypropylene, a recycled material and recyclable.


RINNO pedestals comply with current standards: DTU 43.1 and 51.4.

Using the decking self-leveling joist pedestal for terrace:

The self-leveling pedestal for decking makes it possible to compensate for differences in ground level for the installation of a wooden or composite deck.

Note: you must never use joists in composite to make the foundations of the terrace on pedestals.

Practical, the self-leveling pedestal for decking do not require the construction of structural work to prepare the ground for laying the terrace. Easy to install, they allow quick installation and at a lower cost.

The installation steps are as follows:

  • start by placing the pedestals on the ground at regular intervals of 70 cm
  • adjust the size of the pedestals using the adjustment ring
  • place the wooden joists on the pedestals against the tongue and screw them
  • place and fix the wooden or composite cladding boards.