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Extension 60 mm for terrace pedestals

The extension adds 60 mm to the height of the terrace pedestal. This accessory is only compatible with decking and paving pedestal 150 to 260 mm high. It is possible to add up to 4 extensions on a pedestal to reach a maximum height of 70 cm. The pedestal extension is ideal for constructions with a large range of height to catch up.
EAN: 9508799623932


Once the extension is placed on the pedestal, it benefits from the same properties as the other pedestals and accessories of the mark. It withstands loads up to 1 ton, withstands variations in temperature from -40°C to + 60°C, UV rays, frost as well as acid and chemical products.


Made in France, the RINNO PLOTS terrace pedestal extension is designed from polypropylene, a recycled and recyclable material. This product is respectful of the environment.


The RINNO PLOTS brand “extension 60 mm” complies with the standards: DTU 43.1 and 51.4.

Using the pedestal extension 60 mm:

Easy to install, the 60 mm extension is placed between the base and the pedestal head. No need additional tool or fixing.