14 enero 2021

Rinno: recycled and recyclable products

Rinno is a French brand sensitive to respect for the environment. The manufacture of the products is made only from recycled materials. Thus, with Rinno you benefit from products that are part of a responsible approach since they are both recycled and recyclable. Our products are packaged in boxes without any plastic.

Our pedestals and accessories are made from polypropylene, a particularly resistant and durable recycled material. Our products withstand high and negative temperatures and do not deteriorate in contact with frost and UV. They can also be safely exposed to acids and chemicals in the case of installation around a swimming pool.

In addition, our products have been subjected to a crush test to measure their resistance to load. Thus, a terrace pedestal supports up to 1 ton of load, which guarantees the good strength of the structure.

Compliant with current standards, the use of Rinno brand products allows your sites to be carried out according to the rules in force, with certified, qualitative and sustainable products.

Finally, the lifespan of a patio pedestal is estimated at around ten years. Our products provide a 2 year warranty.