12 febrero 2021

New product: pedestal for wooden post

To complete our range of pedestals for wooden structures, we have designed this adjustable pedestal from 60 to 90 mm allowing to receive a wooden post of dimension 90×90 mm.

Practical, the post pedestal allows the installation of wooden structures such as pergolas, bungalows or terraces on stilts. The height of the structure depends on the height of the post fixed to the pedestal.

Easy to use, the pedestal is placed on loose and stable ground without fixing. The post is placed in the center of the head of the pedestal and is fixed using 4 screws to be placed on each side. The pedestal is adjusted using the red colored nut and allows the height to be adjusted to the nearest millimeter.

The post pedestal has the same properties as the other pedestals in the range: resistance to temperature variations, frost, UV and acid products. In addition, it supports up to 1 ton of load.