29 Januar 2021

New product: adjustable decking and paving pedestal 8/20 mm

We have just added a new product to our range of pedestals. The 8/20 mm terrace pedestal is the smallest on the market. It allows the installation of a low-rise terrace and can also be used for the renovation of an existing terrace. This pedestal is designed for pedestrian use only and supports up to 1 ton of load.

Simple to use, the adjustable terrace pedestal from 8 to 20 mm is placed directly on a soft ground without fixing. The height adjustment is carried out to the nearest millimeter without additional tools by turning the nut located under the head of the pedestal.

The 8/20 mm pedestal is available in the range of decking pedestals as well as in the range of paving pedestals. Thus, it can be used for a wooden terrace as well as for tiling:

  • The decking 8/20 mm pedestal: the head of the pedestal has a tongue which allows the joist to be placed and fixed.
  • The paving 8/20 mm pedestal is equipped with 4 lugs to wedge the angles of the tiles to define a regular spacing between each of them.